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Join us in our beautiful Mission-style Tasting Room for a new food and wine program. Each month we will host a different Sonoma County producer in to share their artisan products and stories. St. Francis staff will pair wines to accompany the products and share insights on the pairing process. Admission is Free.


Gypsy Cheese | Saturday, May 30, 2015 | 1-3pm

Founded in 2013 by John and Lauren Bowne, Gypsy Cheese Co. crafts cheeses entirely by hand in small batches, using the best milk from local dairies. Their goal is to create enjoyable and unique cheese in rural harmony with the green pastures of the North Bay. Based in Valley Ford, Gypsy Cheese Co. taps into the area’s century-old heritage of dairy excellence and the naturally foggy, salty air to create cheese with unique Sonoma County terrior. Gypsy Cheese Co. offers a variety of cheese, including the Caravan, a local version of the traditional feta cheese, and the award-winning Gypsy Rose raw goat cheese.

TWG Barbeque Company | Saturday, June 27, 2015 | 1-3pm

TWG BBQ Company is named after Thomas William George, who created the famous barbeque sauce recipe in his father’s grocery store in Kansas during the 1950’s. Today, the family continues the tradition in Sonoma County, producing award-winning, gourmet sauces in small batches. In 2013, TWG BBQ Company earned First Place in two categories at the All Star Barbeque - Gettin' Sauced BBQ Competition in Austin, Texas.

Weirauch Farm & Creamery | Saturday, July 25, 2015 | 1-3pm

Weirauch Farm & Creamery (pronounced why-rock), produce farmstead sheep cheese with milk from their own flock of dairy sheep, as well as artisan organic cow and goat cheese. The husband and wife team Joel & Carleen Weirauch, believe that local and handmade is always the optimal choice, and encourage consumers to eat seasonally and celebrate the smallest and newest farmers in their region. Weirauch strives to produce high quality handmade products that are not only beautiful and delicious but more importantly reflect their commitment to their ecological values and love for animals.

Haverton Hill Creamery | Saturday, August 29, 2015 | 1-3pm

Haverton Hill Creamery is a family owned and operated sheep dairy and farmstead creamery in Petaluma. The Adiego family took their love of agriculture, animals and passion for food and put it to use. Every family member has a special niche on the farm striving to make their state of the art facility and modern management one of a kind. With the philosophy, "Our farm is our lifestyle," the family believes in keeping things simple and traditional, by crafting their products in small batches on site at their farmstead creamery—including sheep milk, ice cream, and butter. 



“We’ve always believed in discussing the relationship of wine and food with our guests.  This new program gives us the opportunity to celebrate all of the wonderful producers in Sonoma County and allows our guests to experience wine tasting in a new way.”
~ St. Francis Winery President & CEO Christopher Silva.

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